Tech Tuesday: New Presentation Platforms- Prezi, Animoto, and Glogster

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This post is for those who want to move on and beyond the traditional, good old fashioned PowerPoint presentation style. This post is for those who are wanting to “spice” up their presentations and update them to this 21st century. Behold, I give you 3 semi-new platforms:


Prezi is more and more becoming mainstream as an alternative representation platform. Although it takes more time than typing up text and copying and pasting a photo like for PowerPoint, it is worth the time to set up a Prezi. There are plenty of templates to choose from with cool and relevant themes. Here are some positives that come with Prezi beside the cool way the presentation moves:

  • it’s collaborative, work on a presentation as a group
  • easy to share and download
  • easily include pictures, YouTube videos, links, and audio
  • there’s a basic profile that’s always free
  • You can create it online and present from anywhere and any device. Like really, any device including your phone, tablet, computer.



Animoto is more of a video slideshow. What makes this platform different is that it could be used more of a presentation hook or opener. This fact makes Animoto actually extremely versatile in that you can use it for academic or business presentations as well as for personal reasons. You can create a video slideshow about a project or product for school and also learn how to create a simple video documenting your crazy time at Coachella with friends. The possibilities are unlimited. Here are some main features to care about for Animoto:

  • easily add any photos and music after selecting a template from the many options
  • easily produce your videos and share
  • can download the app for your Ipad or for Andriod as well
  • the free trial is 14 days



I saved the best for last! Glogster is my new favorite presentation platform because it’s like having a multimedia, digital posterboard! When I first started using Glogster a few years ago with my own students, I saw how easy and fun it was for them to create and express themselves. Here are the main details about Glogster:

  • there’s a one-time $10 app fee; download on your computer, phone, or tablet
  • easy photos, videos, graphics, and sound features on your poster
  • various creative templates to choose from whether it’s for school, business, or personal presentations
  • everything on your poster is interactive

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.22.24 PM

For more information or help with starting a presentation utilizing one or more of these formats, come into Weingarten and meet with a learning instructor. Also, if you want support with Powerpoint, we’ll help you too! Just want to practice your presentation with someone? We’ll be your guinea pigs. With these exciting presentation platforms, you’ll surely impress your next audience.

Staff writer: Victoria Gill