Wellness: Reflections from Penn’s Teach-In 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

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Here at Weingarten we like to emphasize making time for students’ self-care. When we are taking care of ourselves, not only are we happier and healthier, but we also perform better academically and professionally.

One aspect of self-care that we often don’t focus on is challenging and stimulating our mind. This can be done through reading new books, learning a new skill, or attending a museum or art exhibit. This month, Penn’s Teach-In, demonstrated one way to think about stimulating your mind, learning new things, and making time for self-care .

Penn’s Teach-In occurred on campus from March 18th – March 22nd. The theme for this year’s event was The Production, Dissemination, and Use of Knowledge. There were 32 events over 5 days in 16 different venues across campus. All events were free and open to the public. Different faculty from across Penn came together to discuss different topics including discussions around sexual harassment, purposes of a Penn education, teaching race, vaccine denial, the future of technology, thinking about evolution, and a Bioethics film festival. Check out their schedule of events here:


These are just some of the captivating and stimulating events that were addressed by our Penn Professors. Moral of the story?

Take this time to learn something new that is perhaps out of your comfort zone.

While we know everyone is busy with academic, professional, social, and extra-curricular commitments, don’t forget to take advantage of the many wonderful programs (that are often free) happening on Penn’s campus. These programs can be an enriching addition to your undergraduate or graduate experience here at Penn.


Photo from the International Collegiate Science Journal

By: Kelcey Grogan, Weingarten Learning Fellow and Learning Instructor