Study Spots: Annenberg Library

Sunday, March 3, 2019
Kemuel Benyehudah

Previously, a Penn GSE RWL Masters Student, Kemuel Benyehudah, now a PhD student at the Higher Education Division of Penn GSE, wrote a wonderful blog featuring the Annenberg Library as a recommended Study Spot. Check out his Blog here. We have added some updated photos of the library, below.

If you like a smaller, cozier and more intimate study environment that feels a bit more manageable than larger libraries, with all of the benefits of book and resources pick up and returns, but more importantly, a wonderfully dedicated Reference staff, experience the Annenberg Library!

Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication has a unique, eclectic and critical ethos that is distinctly interdisciplinary. You will enjoy the student lounge right outside the library as much as the library itself. Also, check out the artwork as well as their regularly featured public events, such as guest speakers, movies and other presentations.

By Staff Writer, Min Derry, OLR Learning Fellow.