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Ask The Staff: Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! There’s no better time to express gratitude (even if it does seem a little cliché!) The Weingarten Staff takes a moment to reflect.

What are you thankful for?

Bonus question: what is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

This year I am thankful to be back in the Philadelphia area and for my new job at Penn. I’m thankful for the joy brought by my rescue dog Snuffy. I’m thankful for my family, particularly for letting Snuffy and I stay with them during this transition. (Snuffy is maybe not the easiest houseguest.) I’m thankful for the love and support of my friends during this job search and transition. As for my favorite Thanksgiving food, that’s definitely stuffing. Although if we’re talking Thanksgiving themed food, then I highly recommend “The Dinner Sandwich” at The Original Turkey in Reading Terminal Market. – Kate 

I am grateful for my family and support network.  This year, with working full time, becoming a mom, and starting my Doctoral studies, I have been juggling a lot. I know that without the amazing support that my family provides, it would be truly impossible for me to take on all of these things.  My favorite thanksgiving food is actually what I make the weekend after – leftover Turkey soup! – Valerie 

Taking the time to express appreciation and gratitude is essential. Gratitude defies the description of a cliché.  I want to express my deep appreciation for the Weingarten Center staff who have demonstrated their true grit and compassionate hearts by working together for the benefit of others, especially for students. Also, I am grateful for my siblings. Whenever I hear a person comment that they are disconnected from a brother or sister, it deeply impacts me. I am fortunate to have sisters and brothers who bring great joy in my life even though they can sometimes be annoying. 😀 Bonus question: Food! My sister is a devotee of Claire Saffitz and her YouTube channel. The sweet potato Soufflé rates supreme and I highly recommend it! – Jane 

I’m very thankful that I can spend the holidays with my family this year! – Julianne 

It may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind, but I’m thankful to be doing work that so often feels extremely purposeful and missional! The last few years have been a huge lesson in humility, relationship-building, and being human and I know I’m blessed that this is my first professional experience ever!

I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a work-aholic 👀… lol. My favorite Thanksgiving food is… everything my mom makes… I don’t want to play favorites with any of them :)- Gabe

I am thankful for my family ,our health and being able to spend time with each other. Bonus Question- My favorite food is candied yams with tons of marshmallows on top. – Lauren

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my dog, and my home in Philly. I love my neighborhood and cherish being within a few blocks of so many of my friends.  And, my favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes.  I could eat mashed potatoes every single day.  – Jackie

I am thankful that my family and friends have been able to be healthy and happy during this very difficult year.  I am grateful for their presence and the joy that they give me.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is GRAVY – my mom taught me how to make the best gravy- I, of course, need to have mashed potatoes to go with it! – Pam 

I am Thankful that God has Blessed me to see another Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for my health and strength,  having a roof over my head and the activities of my limbs.  Thankful that my surgery was a huge success and I am able to walk better. Covid hit my family hard, hospitalizing some and making others very sick, and I am thankful that all have recovered.  As you can see l am thankful. –Patricia

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