Become a Peer Educator

The Weingarten Center offers qualified students competitive pay and flexible hours.

  • Salary: $14.00 per hour
  • Requires excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • We seek individuals who want to mentor & give back to other Penn students
  • Time Commitment – Initial training, occasional ongoing training, minimum of 3hrs per week
    • Training time is paid!
  • GPA requirements are based on your primary college of enrollment; specific course grade requirements are determined by the college that the course is housed in.
    • The School of Arts & Science & School of Nursing
      • 3.25 overall GPA and a grade of A- or higher in the specific course
    • The Wharton School
      • 3.25 overall GPA and a grade of B+ or better in the specific course
    • The School of Engineering
      • 3.0 overall GPA and a grade of B+ or better in the specific course
  • Courses must have been taken at Penn to count towards this requirement.

If you have the qualifications listed above, review the following:

  • Complete an online Tutor Application and submit.

  • After review of your application, if selected to move forward you will be contacted with information on next steps

  • Applicants selected to move forward are based on a combination of candidate qualifications and the centers hiring needs

  • If you are not selected in a particular term, your application will stay on file for future consideration

  • Any candidate selected will be required to complete hiring paperwork required by the university, including a verification of SSN, and a paid training session before being eligible

Fall courses include:

  • Acct 101 & 102
  • ASTR 001
  • BE 101 & 301
  • BEPP 250
  • BIBB 109
  • BIOL 101, 121, & 221
  • CHEM 101, 221, & 241
  • CIS 110, 120, 121, 160, & 240
  • Econ 001, 010, & 101
  • FNCE 100, 101, 238
  • Math 103, 104, 114, & 240
  • Nurs 068, & 164
  • PHYS 101, & 150
  • STAT 111, 430, & 431

Spring courses include: 

  • Phys 102
  • ENM 251
  • Stat 431
  • Bepp 250
  • Chem 222
  • CIS 240
  • Econ 103

Summer courses include:

  • Nurs 165 & Nurs 160

FAQ about Tutor Hiring

This partially depends on the time of year that you apply.  Our major hiring periods are the beginning and ends of terms.  If you apply at any other time, your application will likely not be reviewed until the next major hiring period.

This means that your application was received.  It may or may not have been reviewed yet.  Applications that say “New Hold” simply mean that they are potential tutors.  This status applies to unreviewed applications AND applications that have been reviewed but have not yet been chosen for a tutoring position.  If your application is no longer under consideration it will say “Reviewed- Not hired

  • Submitted applications are not able to be edited by the student.  In order to make changes please email
  • Information that you can update include: classes you wish to work with, availability for a new term, your email, or a reference contact.

If you have transfer credit or other qualifications that think make you qualified to tutor a course at Penn, we ask that you seek verification from a faculty member or department representative.  Please use this form Faculty verification to provide confirmation; you can fill out the “student information” component but the rest should be completed by the faculty or department representative. Submit to

  • If you decline the offer – you will be removed from our database. If you change your mind, you can be re-activated at any time by emailing us.
  • If you accept the offer a few things will happen
    • Your status in the tutor database will be updated to “pending” this means that you have been offered a position, but are not officially hired. This will remain your status until you complete all training and Human Resources requirements
    • You will be sent information on both synchronous and asynchronous training requirements and on the hiring process through human resources. The exact paperwork depends on your work history at the university.

Tutors receive training in a variety of topics geared towards three major areas.  They are policies and procedures, interpersonal skills, and the facilitation of learning.  Specific topics include critical thinking, the structure of a tutoring session, active learning techniques, boundary setting, and inclusive tutoring practices.