Chem 2410 Drop in Tutoring

Chem 2410 Drop in Tutoring

September 8, 2022 4:00 PM @ Harrison College House; Library room 102, 3910 Irving St

Stop by and ask the tutors quick questions or spend some time working with peers and the tutor.

More Events

  • Math 1400 – Drop in Tutoring
    October 6 5:00 PM

    Tutor available during this window. Students can stop by with quick questions.  Please bring your Penn Id in order to access the college house.

  • Econ 0100 Drop in tutoring
    October 10 4:00 PM

    Students can stop by to ask the tutor quick questions or stay and work with other students and tutor for longer conversations. Please bring Penn ID to access College House.

  • Math 1400 Drop-in Tutoring
    October 10 5:00 PM

    Drop in to see the tutor for quick questions, or plan to stay for a while and work with peers while getting support you need.