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Study Spots via Student Voices: Annenberg Library

As students, we often journey daily, weekly to the same familiar space to encounter the same bruising ritual we all form community around — study.


Upon a chance inquiry last semester to learn how to navigate the library databases for a class project, I was sent to the Annenberg Library to meet with the librarian housed there. Initially, I was reluctant to interact with the librarian as I surmised that this would be another interaction of “deep pedagogy”; one which I desperately needed a break from at the time. But to my surprise, I found more than just a place to gather answers for vexing questions —  I found a place for academic refuge. The Annenberg Library provided me with affordances such as relaxation, which made it an ideal space for me to interact more intimately with my studies.

The Annenberg Library is a great place for students who want to study in a non-intimidating space. Low student traffic invites seeded ideas to bloom safely and not be trampled on by the cacophony of student voices and moving visages one’s senses often encounter in higher volume spaces. Every library space has its strengths and weaknesses, as does the Annenberg Library. The Annenberg Library doesn’t have the media resources that the Van Pelt Library space has, however, sometimes we all need a cessation from aggressive study, and more time to relax and ponder on the “why’s” and “how’s” of our academic interest. So if you’re interested in relaxation and connecting more intimately with your studies, perhaps you should spend some time at the Annenberg Library soon.


Noise Level: Calm ambiance

Perks: Quiet, Journals, Recent Magazines, Amazing Librarians and Staff

Address: 3620 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, Pa. 19104–6220

Demographic: Communication students, students from other disciplines

Traffic: Low to moderate traffic

Student Guest Blogger:

Kemuel Benyehudah


Master’s student, Reading, Writing, Literacy

Graduate School of Education

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