For Faculty and Staff

Learning Resources values its ongoing collaborations with faculty and staff across all twelve schools at Penn. These partners play a key role in connecting undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with our learning support services at any time throughout the year by including information about the Weingarten Center in syllabi and Canvas pages, referring students informally or through CPNs, requesting customized learning strategies workshops during or outside of class time, and supporting, when appropriate, our exam analysis protocol.

Resource Pages in Canvas

The Weingarten Center has created two Canvas pages that highlight key resources and services — one for undergraduates and one for graduate/professional students. We have designed these pages to be shared with faculty and staff across the University who can import them into their existing Canvas courses. Please review Weingarten Center Canvas Pages for more information and to request access.

Syllabus Statement

Please consider including the Weingarten Center Syllabus Statement in your course materials.

Refer a Student for Learning Support

Connect your students with a learning specialist who can support them in developing more effective strategies for time and project management, academic reading and writing, note-taking, problem-solving, exam preparation, test-taking, and self-regulation. You may decide to refer a student when they tell you that they:

  • are having a hard time juggling classes, work, social activities, and other responsibilities.
  • “study all the time” but still are not performing well in their classes.
  • cannot keep up with their reading.
  • have always done well academically but now find themselves struggling.
  • do not know how to take effective notes.
  • feel too intimidated to participate in class or are not sure how to contribute.
  • are unfamiliar with appropriate citation and use of sources.
  • do not know how to start a research project or assignment.
  • are overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do.
  • feel unfocused, unmotivated, or unproductive.

Request a Workshop

Learning Resources frequently works with course instructors to develop customized learning strategies workshops for students. We are happy to speak with your class for 10-15 minutes about the services we offer, design an in-class workshop on a particular set of strategies to help students succeed in your course, and/or set up an optional workshop outside of class time for your students. If you are interested, please complete our Workshop Request Form and we will respond promptly to start the planning process.

Exam Analysis

Learning Resources collaborates with students and faculty members to offer exam analysis as part of learning support at the Weingarten Center. Exam analysis allows students, in consultation with learning specialists, to enhance their performance on upcoming assessments by analyzing their performance on recent exams. These sessions focus on exam preparation and exam-taking strategies, rather than content knowledge, which should be addressed with faculty. Please consult our Exam Analysis Protocol for additional information.