Proactive Time Management for Learning Online

In this module, our learning specialists offer videos and interactive resources to support students in developing proactive time management strategies, specifically for online coursework and remote learning. Our partners in the Penn Online Learning Initiative were invaluable in supporting the development of this resource. We recommend starting with the self-guided Time Management Self-Assessment.

Time Management Self-Assessment

This self-assessment will help you think more deeply about your habits and what you can do to improve your time management skills, especially as you prepare for online coursework and remote learning.

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Proactive Time Management Videos and Resources

What is Proactive Time Management?

Proactive time management involves a complex set of strategies that include working smarter, planning, self-regulation, and flexibility.

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Syllabus Analysis

Working smarter starts with analyzing the expectations of each course and tailoring your study strategies.

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Planning and Project Management

Break down large projects and exam preparation into manageable chunks. Set clear goals and reflect on your progress.

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Self-Regulation: Prioritize, Optimize, & Revise

Self-regulation involves identifying your priorities and working with realistic expectations.

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Plan for the unplanned. Reflect and adapt when circumstances change.

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Your Feedback

After you have a chance to engage with this module, we would appreciate your feedback. Your comments will help us improve this Proactive Time Management module and develop additional modules on other topics.

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