What is Proactive Time Management?

When it comes to time management, we often assume that scheduling is the extent to which we can manage our time well. But, what if time management is much more than that? How can we tap into the results that time management affords so many people?

Well, we’ve come to understand that time management is a little less about “managing your time” and more about increasing and maintaining your productivity. Time management is actually a holistic skill based on four competencies: Planning, Working Smarter, Self-Regulation, and Flexibility. The synergy of these competencies is what you observe as productivity. This productivity, in turn, empowers you to handle whatever challenges you may encounter.

We’ve selected some of our favorite strategies and tips for each of the four competencies to share with you. Read through our words of wisdom and download our worksheets to think about how you can successfully manage your time and increase your productivity this semester.

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