Announcing MyWLRC 2.0

July 1, 2020


MyWLRC 2.0 serves as a comprehensive online portal used by Weingarten Center staff to handle and maintain confidential record-keeping of student files. All Penn students can schedule online appointments with Weingarten Center specialists and receive services from learning resources and/or tutoring.

Students with disabilities can receive most SDS services through the portal. Students can self-identify with the office, securely upload required medical documentation, schedule appointments with SDS specialists, submit requests for accommodated exams, receive alternate format materials, obtain loaned assistive technology, and receive class notes.

Penn faculty can view student accommodations letters and submit exams through the secure portal. Penn faculty and students have access to MyWLRC 2.0 by using PennKey authentication.

The newly enhanced MyWLRC 2.0 provides the following features through one portal:

  • Appointment Management

    • Students have a virtual view of Weingarten Center staff’s calendars and can schedule appointments online to meet with a Learning or Disability Specialist. Students do not have to call or stop by the office to schedule appointments during office hours.

  • Process of Requesting Accommodations

    • Students submit a self-identification form and relevant medical documentation through a secure portal to begin the accommodation process.

    • Students seeking temporary accommodations on the basis of medical condition (e.g., broken arm) can use the self-identification form to start the process.

    • Students can access their self-identification form, documentation, and accommodation letters online.

    • To renew accommodations, students can submit their request online through the portal in lieu of visiting the office.

  • Note-taker Services

    • Students with disabilities who are approved for notes as an accommodation can access the class notes provided by a peer.

    • Confidentiality is preserved. The note-taker will not know the names of students receiving the notes.

  • Test Room Booking

    • Students with disabilities who are approved for accommodated test arrangements can schedule their exams through an online test reservation system that automatically calculates exam time.

    • Faculty can use the secure portal via MyWLRC 2.0 to upload exams for students approved for test accommodations. Student Disabilities Services handles coordination of proctoring exams and ensures completed exams are safely returned to instructors.

  • Alternate Format Requests

    • Students with disabilities who are approved for alternate format as an accommodation can schedule appointments online to meet with a staff member to receive this accommodation.

  • Equipment and Assistive Devices

    • Students with disabilities who are approved for assistive technology as an accommodation can schedule appointments online to meet with a staff member and checkout equipment.

  • ADA Compliance

    • MyWLRC 2.0 is 508-compliant and fully accessible for students, faculty, and staff.

    • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the overall accessibility of the system for all users remains a priority.

Future enhancements to MyWLRC 2.0 coming fall 2020:

  • Tutor Management
  • Proctor Management
  • Note-Taker Portal