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Power Down to Increase Productivity: The Best Advice You Don’t Want to Hear

Turn your cell phone off next time you study.


I know. I know. Just hear me out.

Turn the cell phone off for twenty minutes and start working.

Student Text Messaging On Smart Phone At Campus

Your brain is going to be mad.

What if your mom calls with a great story about the neighbor’s dog– the one that’s always prone to accidents? What if the funniest group text happens while you’re focusing solely on Chemistry? Channel that anxious feeling of being disconnected and keep working on your task at hand. DO NOT check facebook instead. Be disconnected. Be fully involved in your work. How much can you get done if your attention isn’t spread in several different directions?

Turn your cell phone back on when the to-do item is done. Did you finish it in less time than normal? Do you feel you did a more thorough job? Was the text you missed really all that important?
The answers might surprise you.

Staff Blogger: Jen Papadakis

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