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RAISE Your Productivity By Sharing Accountability

Welcome to Fall 2020 at Penn. You know the ethos of hard work. You chose to come to Penn because of its immense focus on academic strength, enterprise and innovation. We are so proud of you!

There are no if and buts. This is an extremely unusual semester. We have to admit that nothing like this has crossed our lives before. Even dinner table conversations have new looks and new meanings.

It is time to demonstrate your grit, courage, resilience and adaptability in more and different ways. You can do it and you will.

There’s a Haitian proverb that loosely translates like this: “the burden is lighter when many hearts and minds support the work”. You can maintain a continued level of success by seeking support and sharing your goals and commitments. When you establish a shared commitment, you are more likely to complete that task than you are to drift into procrastination.

This image is a bar graph with mind, hand, and heart icons that illustrates the positive effect of sharing your goals and commitments with your community.
“The burden is lighter when many hearts and minds support the work.” A Haitian proverb

You are not alone during this uncertain time. The entire Penn campus is open and the Penn community is ready to work with you, albeit virtually. This community of support is composed of:

  • classmates and peer counselors
  • the instructional team: professors and TAs
  • academic support: Weingarten, Career Services, Penn Libraries (Pickup@Penn), Writing Center
  • family and friends

Feel free to engage your community at Penn and join us at either of these two workshops where we will discuss ways to manage our expectations and the uncertainty that we will have to work with: looming deadlines, shifting balance, and staying calm.

RAISE Your Productivity By Sharing Accountability
September 10, 4-5:00 PM EST and September 14, 1-2:00 PM EST
(each will be followed by additional 30 minutes for questions)

Written by Dr. Rashmi Kumar, Associate Director of Learning Resources, and Gabriel Angrand, STEM Learning Specialist

For more information, contact us: Dr. Rashmi Kumar at and Gabriel Angrand at

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