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Ready, Set, Succeed.

The acquisition of knowledge is often viewed in three forms—declarative, procedural, and critical. Each of the above has different, although, sequentially significant aspects. Declarative knowledge focuses on the notion of ‘knowing what,’ procedural knowledge is anchored in ‘knowing how to,’ and critical knowledge is driven by the quest of ‘why.’

STEM courses are fundamentally geared to the constant pursuit of answering how and why.

Within the above context, a workshop series, Ready, Set, Succeed was launched in Spring 2015 to create a deliberate and focused pathway for students on how to study, prepare for exams, maximize the impact of practice exams, and utilize (free/open source) mobile technologies to fortify their efforts.
Ready Set Succeed workshop series is being offered again this semester:

Staff Blogger: Rashmi Kumar, Ed.D, Specialist in STEM Learning

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