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Wellness: Schedule Self Care & Make Time to Go Outside

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In one of our earlier blog posts, we discussed the importance of scheduling self-care into our weeks. Especially as we retreat into the winter break, even the holiday season can be busy and hectic at times. It is important to make time to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health.

One way to do this is to head outside!

We spend so much of our time looking at our phones and our computer screens that we can neglect to appreciate the beauty around us. Philadelphia is beautiful in all seasons! While Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have plenty of natural beauty, there are some escapes pretty close to campus. One I personally recommend is the Schuylkill River Trail! Just head down past the Palestra and on to the South Street Bridge where you can access the trail.


The trail is completely paved and is wonderful for walking, running, biking, or roller-skating. There are also plenty of grassy areas along the trail where you can stop to sit, chat, read, or relax. In Philadelphia, the trail itself is about ten miles. If you follow the trail for about 1 mile from the South Street Bridge, you run alongside the Philadelphia Art Museum. Continue further, and you can run alongside Boathouse Row. As the trail continues past Boathouse Row, it follows Kelly Drive and becomes much more tree-lined. It’s a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. For more information on the trail, check out its website:

Written by Staff Writer: Kelcey Grogan, Learning Instructor

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