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Symposium Information for March/April 2021 Presentations

Thank you for your interest in the Annual Disability Symposium at University of Pennsylvania. Since we cannot celebrate our collegiality in person, we will take the next best step and hold virtual presentations to share and learn more about issues that impact our work, our life. There is no registration fee for the Symposium. Please refer to the schedule and presentation topics. BlueJeans Event will be the platform used for the presentations. Registration is required to attend a presentation. With BlueJeans Event, attendees can use the closed captioning option to access the event. However, if you believe that you will require a specific accommodation, please send an e-mail to vpul-wlrc@pobox.upenn.edu with details. We will try our best to respond to your request.

Your support for the Symposium continues to make a difference in how we, as disability educators and advocates, learn and grow in undertaking our work.


Deep appreciation goes out to the Mary and Joseph Landy Symposium Endowed Fund that supports the programming for the annual symposium. With such support, the Weingarten Center represents a source of advocacy for people with disabilities. Also, the symposium serves as a platform for disability educators and advisors to share their knowledge about trends and other current issues that impact higher education.

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