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Self-Care During Times of Social Trauma


The last few years and months have been extremely traumatic, with all the killings and peoples’ lives being in danger both abroad and domestic. Times like this can cause so much anxiety, anger, and isolation; for that reason, it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can move forward in our lives and fight for the things we care for, love, and believe in. Below are 5 tips to help achieve a balanced life in the wake of the many tragic events in the world.

  1. Maintain proper nutrition and make sure you get enough sleep. Keeping your physical body healthy will allow you to mentally juggle school, family, and world tragedies. It can be difficult to carve out 7-8 hours of sleep per night as a student, but lack of sleep can increase stress and make you physically and mentally ill. Similarly, deviating from your normal diet can cause
  2. letting-go-ctrl_large.pngTake control of your social media activities. Lately, many of our social media feeds
    are filled with articles, videos, and opinions focused on various traumatic events. This can be very overwhelming, so taking control of your social media can be beneficial. Here are a few quick steps that can help:

    1. Stop the auto-play feature on Facebook. This will help you take control on what media you want to view and will prevent triggers from occurring.
    2. Log off social media accounts to allow yourself a break. Take a few hours or days to clear your mind and reset before returning. Not checking your accounts before you go to sleep will also allow you to sleep better.
    3. Unfollow pages or people who only discuss negativity and follow those who discuss issues and topics that interest you.
  1. Talk to someone supportive. Find friends and family members who can help you understand and process events. Talking with them about the thoughts you have will make you feel better. Be sure to seek out those who will listen to your concerns rather than simply be dismissive. If you need further support, reach out to campus resources such as CAPS.     2016-01-17-1453056035-6391055-mediate.png
  2. Exercise and meditate to improve your body and soul. Simple actions like taking a walk to get some air and clear your head can help. Meditation decreases stress and anxiety and can help you balance your life.
  3. Infuse fun activities in your daily and weekly life. Go out with friends, see a concert, visit a museum, or binge on your favorite television show. These activities will lead to a happier, more balanced lifestyle.


Staff Writer: Victoria Gill 



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