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Study Spots: The Barnes Foundation

Barnes Foundation
Source: angela n@flickr (November 10, 2012)

We are in the Last Days of Summer… Some of you are already back in Philly, stretching out some time for enjoyment and relaxation before the semester begins. Others are away at home base or traveling, and not quite ready to envision returning to campus life. And some are engaged in pre-semester courses, research projects, graduate assistantships, work study, and a gamut of new student orientation programs!

Wherever you are, you might be interested in a transitional or alternative study spot. In other words, you may be thinking about planning and preparing for the Fall semester, but not feel quite as ready to be enclosed in a formal Library space, dorm or divisional department. Look no longer! If you enjoy the arts, the Barnes Foundation offers an alternative study space, especially in the Basement area, adjacent to the Gift Shop, near the Cafe and outdoor patio.

Barnes Foundation, Basement
View from my comfy chair, my laptop resting on a side table, which I pulled in front of me. The dim lighting is perfect for laptop work.

Barnes Foundation, Basement
View from my “study spot”, to the left, a handy Coffee Bar for nourishment, to the right, an impressive display of African pottery.

Barnes Foundation, Basement
View from behind my “study spot”. Step into the open air patio for reading, reflection, stretching and fresh air.

There are many options to Plan Your Visit on a budget, including:

  • Discounts for students and veterans
  • Free Sundays for teachers
  • Free PECO First Sunday Family Days

It is also conveniently located in the Art Museum area at 20th and Parkway. It is publicly accessible by SEPTA #7, #32, #33, #38, and #48 bus routes (and new #49 route). They are also Stop 7 on the Philly PHLASH, a quick and inexpensive shuttle service that stops at historic and cultural destinations throughout Center City. Service runs every 15 minutes between 10am and 6pm. 

Barnes Foundation
Sources: Ron Cogswell@flickr (June 2016); Thekohser@WikiMediaCommons (October 2015)

So, whenever you return to Philadelphia, be sure to check out the Barnes Foundation, as an alternative study spot to help you ease into this beautiful city and the surroundings of campus life!

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By Staff Writer: Min Derry, Learning Fellow

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