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Summer Study Strategies


The weather is finally great outside, but some of us are stuck indoors during summer school. Whether you are here to get ahead of graduation requirements, visiting from another university, or just enjoy learning, summer school requires a bit of an adjustment to how we schedule our study plans. Below are three tips to make the most of this summer.

  1. Know the length of your class

Summer classes are on an accelerated schedule. Knowing the correct session you are taking is a great first step to staying on top of your coursework. Below are the dates for the three different schedules. 

Session Dates
11-Week Session May 23 – August 5
Session I May 23 – June 29
Session II June 30 – August 5

2. Plan out ALL assignments and readingsScreen Shot 2016-06-19 at 9.31.11 PM.png

Sometimes during a regular semester course, students plan out their classwork on a weekly or monthly schedule. However, due to the intensive nature of summer courses, students need to plan out the entire course as soon as possible. This provides the best picture of your obligations this summer.

You can pick up a free Summer Calendar at the Weingarten Learning Resources Center! 


3. Find a good balance

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the summer! Although summer classes are intense, you need to balance your academic responsibilities with activities that you enjoy doing. Here is a link for awesome stuff to do in Philly this summer!

Best of luck and enjoy the sunshine!

Staff Writer: Victoria Gill 

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