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Tech Tuesday: Evernote

If you’re looking for a new way to keep track of all your class notes, recipes, or just want to use less paper in class…try the free Evernote app. Like its logo of an elephant suggests, it will remember everything you put in its “cloud” memory. Here are some ways you can use Evernote to help with your schooling:

1) Instead of buying a different notebook for each class, create digital notebooks inside Evernote and take notes right in the app. After saving them, you can access Evernote on any device that has internet! You can take notes by simply typing, or you can record lectures for later (make sure your professor agrees to being recorded!)

2) Evernote is great for sharing your notebooks or class notes! Anything you save in there is easily shared. Just select the text/items you want then click “Share” to email that note or share on a public space like Twitter or Facebook.

3) You can import anything you type from Microsoft Word, save an article from the web, or even images can be turned into notes! Since most classes have a syllabus, PDF articles and assignments on Canvas anyways, might as well save on printing and make it easier for you to find later by importing them to Evernote. Why? Keep reading my friends.

4) The “Search” tool on Evernote is extremely useful. Say you’re ready to write your semester paper but you don’t want to flip through a hundred pages of notes or articles. Using the “search” tool in Evernote is best for helping you find that one quote or idea you wrote down two months.

5) Add-Ons to the app make it even more useful. For example, if you add the “Web Clipper” extension to Evernote, you’ll be able to save webpages and web articles through the app. Why is this cool? You can just bookmark the link, right? Boring! With the “Web Clipper” extension you can not only save the article but also write on it and take notes. Or if you don’t need to get messy with it, just save it into a related “notebook” or “note” file so you always search it for when you need it next!

Staff Writer: Victoria Rodriguez


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