Workshops are peer-facilitated discussions about topics from the week. Students will have an opportunity to discuss and apply course content along with peers, learn new ways of approaching material, and consider new resources for success in the course.

All Scheduled sessions and links for virtual sessions can be found on the events tab to the right of the page. 

Organic Chemistry 241, 242 

Exact time & location vary by section / professor; join our canvas page to see schedule
  • Workshop Leaders are selected by the Organic Chemistry Coordinator
  • Each section of the course has a designated workshop time and leader; speak to your faculty member to determine your schedule
  • There will be one virtual session each week that will be available to all students from any section (Wednesday evenings)
  • Each section has one 120 minute session is held weeky on Sunday
  • Students apply course material by working in small groups solving problem sets

Join Canvas Page to access resources & recordings for this workshop: 


Sundays: 4pm – 5pm (Virtual – Access Zoom) 
Wednesdays 4pm – 5pm in Williams 201
  • Facilitator selected by department faculty
  • Workshop leader holds two 60 minute workshops per week; 1 in person & 1 virtual
  • Attendees will work together to apply material in practice problems

NURSING 163, 164, 165

Sundays: 9pm – 10pm (Virtual)  &  Fridays 1:45 – 2:45 in Fagin Hall 110
  • Facilitator is selected by the Nursing School faculty
  • Workshop leader holds two 60 minute review sessions per week; 1 in person & 1 virtual
  • Two-hour exam preparation sessions are held prior to midterm and final exams
  • Resources & recordings for this workshop are embedded directly in the canvas page for your course

* Workshops may be canceled or rescheduled to accommodate religious or other holidays. Your specific Facilitator will share their schedule with the group.