Satellite Tutoring Services 

Drop in tutor support for many first year courses

This service is great for students who need occasional support or have quick questions about the subjects offered. This is also a good resource if you are waiting to be matched with a weekly tutor. Your interactions with the tutor will likely be in small groups.

No appointment is needed and you can stop by as often as you need! The schedule for each term is typically released in week 1 of a new term, and hours usually begin during week 2. The schedule may be updated throughout the term.

The schedule is listed below, and the links to access the zoom session can be found on our events calendar on the right side of this page!

Fall 2020 Hours will be virtual

Schedule updated on 10.26.20

All shifts will be cancelled in observance of the Thanksgiving break – from Tuesday 11/20 – Tuesday 11/27



ACCT 101 Thursday: 2pm – 6pm
BIOL 101 Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 10pm
CHEM 101 Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
Sunday: 12pm – 4pm
Tuesday: 7pm – 11pm
CHEM 241/251 Thursday: 5pm – 9pm
ECON 001 Sunday: 12pm – 4pm 
MATH 103 Monday: 12pm – 4pm 
Thursday: 6pm- 10pm
MATH 104 Friday: 12pm – 4pm 
Sunday: 2pm – 6pm 
Mondays: 10am – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm 
MATH 114 Sunday: 3pm – 7pm 
Monday: 10am – 2pm 
NURS 164 Sunday: 10am – 2pm
NURS 624 Tuesday: 4pm-8pm 
PHYS 101 Friday: 2pm – 6pm