Weekly Tutoring Contracts

Weekly Tutoring Contracts

Regular Weekly appointments with an assigned tutor 


Appointment: New Students who have never had a tutor contract with us before

Returning Students: who have previously completed an intake: Submit a new tutor Request

Policies:  group tutee contract updated


After you make your request
1. Once your request has been made, we will do our best to match you within two weeks. We are not always able to find a match in this time (or at all) but will communicate with you throughout the process
*No assignments will be made before a course officially begins
2. When a match is made, you will be notified via email – check your junk folder!
3. Assignments will be in small groups (2-4* students)
*Average group size is 3. Group sizes dependent on tutor availability.
4. As the Tutee – you are expected to initiate communication with your tutor within 48 hours
Share feedback with us about your experience!
Trouble Shooting
If you run into issues with the assignment process, or with your tutor match, please email Tuteehelpdesk@vpul.upenn.edu
Requesting Extra Hours
If your group needs more time than you are assigned in a particular week, you may request additional hours for that week. You are permitted to request extra time for up to three weeks in any term. Request for extra hours.