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Welcome Back from Weingarten!

Weingarten welcomes you back from your winter break holidays! Hopefully you’re as prepared for the academic year as you are for the upcoming snowy weather. If you’re not, that’s okay too. Come into Weingarten for some tools and resources to help you start the semester on the right foot.

Take some Weingarten swag that helps you stay on top of things. For example, grab yourself a copy of our “semester at a snapshot” calendars. It’s the entire semester, every single day, all neatly arranged on one little poster. We will show you how to use these calendars to plan your entire semester so you won’t feel blinded-sided by that one vague assignment that wasn’t due till months later. Also, we have pens, the much coveted color sticky notes, and even stress relieving stars. The semester gets crazier as the weeks pass by but know that we are here to support your academic learning whenever you want!


Staff Writer: Victoria Gill

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