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Welcome to Fall ’19 @ PENN!

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Source: Penn Today, Move-In Day 2019, University of Pennsylvania

Dear Students,

Undergrads, Grads, Professionals, Execs, welcome back or welcome anew! Our beautiful Penn campus is bustling with activities, initiatives and energy, but we are never complete until our students are on campus!

Your Team at the Weingarten Learning Resources Center awaits you with much anticipation and are excited to partner with you for another stimulating, demanding, yet fun and rewarding, Fall semester!

Here are our Top 8 Helpful Suggestions for Kicking-Off Fall ’19:

  • Come say “Hi!” and relax, study or hang-out at YOUR Weingarten Student Study Lounge!
  • Come pick up your semester planning calendars! I always suggest a minimum of two copies, one for above your desk and another to post by the door coming in and out of your dorm room or apartment. There are always copies at the front desk. Remember the colors: Blue for Undergraduate and Green for Graduate:
  • Schedule an initial Consultation with any of our wonderful Learning Instructors to help get you started on the right foot! (hint, hint: time management consultation? reading strategies?)
  • Browse the Penn Wellness website and familiarize yourself with all of our wonderful campus resources for students to establish your roadmap to wellness and success! Penn has defined 8 helpful domains of wellness for a holistic approach to self- and collective care:
  • Finally, take pause, close your eyes, breathe, and connect to our wonderful community as well as supportive physical and figurative campus spaces!

At Weingarten, We Welcome You with Arms Wide Open!

By Staff Writer: Min Derry, Learning Fellow.

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