Refer a Student

Connect your students with a learning specialist who can support them in developing more effective strategies for time and project management, academic reading and writing, note-taking, problem-solving, exam preparation, test-taking, and self-regulation. You may decide to refer a student when they tell you that they:

  • are having a hard time juggling classes, work, social activities, and other responsibilities.
  • “study all the time” but still are not performing well in their classes.
  • cannot keep up with their reading.
  • have always done well academically but now find themselves struggling.
  • do not know how to take effective notes.
  • feel too intimidated to participate in class or are not sure how to contribute.
  • are unfamiliar with appropriate citation and use of sources.
  • do not know how to start a research project or assignment.
  • are overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do.
  • feel unfocused, unmotivated, or unproductive.