The SDS Reconsideration Process


In most instances, the reasonable accommodations determined by SDS are acceptable to the student. If a student disagrees with SDS’s determination of eligibility or reasonable accommodations, they are encouraged to meet with the SDS Director to try to resolve the matter informally. The student may also seek review of the determination through the following process:

  1. The student may submit a written request for reconsideration within (15) calendar days after the student has received a decision from SDS. Additional documentation may be provided at the time of the individual’s request to reconsider. Please send the request by email to the SDS Director
  2. If the student is not satisfied with the Documentation Review Committee’s decision upon reconsideration, the student may submit a written request to Sharon Smith, the Associate Vice Provost for University Life within thirty (30) days of the Documentation Review Committee’s decision. The individual may not include any new or additional information that was not presented in the initial reconsideration request. The Associate Vice Provost for University Life may consult as appropriate with internal University representatives and/or an external evaluator (disabilities accommodations expert). This is the final level of review within SDS.