Student Disabilities Services


We have refreshed MyWLRC, the Weingarten Learning Resources Center’s comprehensive online portal for students, staff, and faculty working with our services.

  • A new look and feel
  • Accommodation requests
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Test room booking

The University of Pennsylvania welcomes students with disabilities and is committed to providing the same exceptional opportunities to all Penn students.  Policies and procedures have been developed to provide students with as much independence as possible and to promote self-advocacy.  At Student Disabilities Services (SDS) we work closely with students who self-identify in order to ensure equal access to all University programs, activities and services. We encourage you to learn more about our services on our website. You will find information about the accommodations we provide as well as procedures for requesting accommodations and services. We also invite you to meet with our staff to address your specific needs as part of our collaborative process.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on the Penn community (see COVID-19 Information and Resources), SDS is currently offering remote support services for students in online classes. While our physical office is closed, SDS staff members are available by phone and email to answer questions from members of the University community about accessibility and accommodations. Contact SDS directly by email or phone (215-573-9235) with any additional questions or concerns.

Effective July 1, 2020, Student Disabilities Services is pleased to introduce the enhanced MyWLRC Portal for students and faculty, a suite of new online tools to interact with disability services. The new tools will allow students to register with SDS, upload disability documentation, renew accommodations each semester, schedule accommodated tests, and upload texts for conversion to alternate formats. Faculty will be able to view and sign student accommodation letters, provide information about accommodated exams, and upload exams directly into the faculty portal. Bullet points below provide quick guides on using these new tools. Follow the links on the website to find more detailed information, or contact SDS for assistance.

New Accommodation Requests

  • Login to MyWLRC and select Accommodation and click on Accessibility Request.
  • Complete the Self-Identify Form and upload your documentation of disability, if available.
  • More information on the registration process is available on the Documentation Guidelines page.
  • Students are strongly advised to register with SDS upon matriculation into the University; it can take up to 4 weeks to review documentation and approve accommodations.
How to Complete a Self-Identify Form

Accommodations for Fall Courses

  • Returning students: Login to MyWLRC. Select Accommodation, then select Semester Request, and click Add New to submit your request.
  • More information is available on the Current Students page
  • If you are making a first-time request for accommodations at Penn for a fall course, please read “New Accommodation Requests” above.
How to Submit a Semester Request


  • Login to MyWLRC and select Appointments. Click Request New Appointment and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may cancel or reschedule your appointment up to one hour in advance of the scheduled time. In MyWLRC, go to Appointments and select Approved Appointments. Click on the three vertical dots under the appointment time, and select either Reschedule or Cancel. More information is available on the Current Students page.

Exam Accommodations

  • Students: Continue to use MyWLRC to request your exam accommodations at least 7 days prior to the exam date.
  • Login to MyWLRC and select Schedule Accommodated Exam from the toolbar on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the New Booking Request button on the bottom left side of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • More information is available on the Current Students page
  • Faculty: The Canvas website has information on how to add extended time accommodations.
  • Faculty: Contact SDS with questions about how to provide other testing accommodations.

Note Taking Accommodations

  • Contact SDS with questions about note taking accommodations.

Alternate Format Materials and Assistive Technology

  • To request alternate format materials, login to MyWLRC, select Accommodation, and then select Alternative Format.
  • Click Student Entered, then click Upload Document for Alternative Format Request to provide book or article information. More information is available on the Alternative Format Materials page.
  • Questions about assistive technology and digital accessibility can be sent to Amrou Ibrahim.

Disability-Related Housing Accommodations

To apply for disability-related housing accommodation for the 2020-2021 academic year, students must: