Ongoing Calculus Workshops: 

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Workshop 2 – The Math exam – how to prepare: 12/6/2020 2pm – 4:30pm

In this workshop we will discuss best practices for how students can prepare for math exams. We will discuss strategies for reviewing material and best practices creating your equation / tips sheet.   We will also discuss strategies for test day and actually taking the exam, including advice on how to manage test related stress. Tutors will be available after the workshop to help with last minute questions.  The topic can apply to any math courses, but specific examples will be pulled from math 103 & math 104 curriculum.

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Workshop 1 – Creating study tools for math:  10/14/20 at 1:30pm EST

In this workshop we will model a variety of tools that students can create and use to develop deeper understanding in their math courses.  These tools will encourage active learning, critical thinking, and help students approach their material in ways that encourage long term retention.  The topic can apply to any math courses, but specific examples will be pulled from Math 103 & Math 104 curriculum.

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WAKE UP YOUR MATH MEMORIES: Review the Math tools you need to succeed in Calculus.

The Calculus start-up event will provide an opportunity to hear from Math Faculty & other Penn students about how to approach ivy league calculus, review essential math skills, and identify resources that will help you succeed in your calculus course. Students will also have an opportunity to review essential math topics with peer tutors. 

Content will focus on Math 103 & 104 curriculum but others are welcome. 

Tuesday September 8th, 6:30pm – 10pm Eastern Standard  

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