Tutoring Services

As one of three offices within the Weingarten Learning Resources Center, we offer Penn undergraduate students free, accessible, and convenient options to supplement their academic experience. Tutoring is available is in a variety of formats.  Please review the information below to determine your best option based on your schedule and the class in question.

For most first year students, the satellite centers are the first stop.  If the schedule or courses are not fulfilling your needs, then we encourage you to check out the Weekly Tutoring options.

Words of appreciation for our tutors:

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For Students seekingTutor Support during the University Social Distancing period of   the   COVID-19 response (See COVID-19Information and Resources )

The Penn Tutoring Center would liketo ensure that we are still able to support you in your academic pursuits throughoutthe duration of this change in university operations.  This is going to be an adjustment for all ofus and will require flexibility and communication as we troubleshoot together.  Below you will find information about ourplans to avoid disruption to the services you may be utilizing.  These solutions depend heavily on technologyand we encourage you to take some time to ensure that you have access to a webcam, microphone, and internet access.  Ifyou do not have access to these items, we can try to connect you with officeson campus who may be able to assist.