Faculty and Staff


Students with disabilities are best served in the most integrated setting possible. All Penn faculty and staff are responsible for providing equal access to Penn students with disabilities.

The Provost’s Memorandum is the policy of record providing guidance and information on reasonably accommodating students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are provided while preserving the academic integrity of the course or degree program.

The Weingarten Center recommends that course instructors include the following statement in their syllabus:

University of Pennsylvania provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who have self-identified and been approved by the Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS). If you have not yet contacted SDS and would like to request accommodations or have questions, you can make an appointment by calling SDS at 215-573-9235. The office is located in the Weingarten Learning Resources Center at Stouffer Commons 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300. All services are confidential.

Using the MyWLRC Faculty Portal for Disability Services

Effective July 1, 2020, Student Disabilities Services is pleased to introduce the enhanced MyWLRC Portal for students and faculty, a suite of new online tools to interact with disability services. The new tools will allow students to register with SDS, upload disability documentation, renew accommodations each semester, schedule accommodated tests, and upload texts for conversion to alternate formats. Faculty will be able to view and sign student accommodation letters, provide information about accommodated exams, and upload exams directly into the faculty portal. Bullet points below provide quick guides for faculty on using these new tools. For more detailed information, please contact SDS for assistance.

How to View and Sign Student Accommodations Letters

  • After receiving an email notification from Student Disabilities Services, log in on the MyWLRC Faculty Portal.
  • Choose Accommodation Letters from the left menu.
  • You should see the new accommodation letter labelled SDS Student Accommodations Letter (Requested).
  • Click to open and review the file, and type your signature. Select Save.
  • To view all the students in your course with approved accommodations, select Courses on the left menu, then select your course, and select Enrolled Students from the top menu.

How to Add Exam Information and Upload an Exam

  • You will receive an automated email notification when a student in one of your courses submits a request to take an exam with approved accommodations.
  • When you receive this notification, navigate to the MyWLRC Faculty Portal and log in.
  • Select Courses on the left side of the screen and select the course. You can either click the Drop-down arrow under Semester and select the relevant term or scroll down the screen and select the course.
  • After you select your course, it will open with five tabs displayed. For SDS Testing purposes, focus on the Enrolled StudentsRoom Bookings, and Exam tabs.
  • Under the Enrolled Students tab, you will be able to view students enrolled in your class as well as what their accommodations are. For students who do not receive accommodations, Accommodations: No Accommodations will display under their names.
  • Under the Room Bookings tab, you can view students who have submitted an accommodated exam request through SDS. It will show the student’s name, their testing location, the date of their exam, and the start time.
  • After you click on a student’s name, a new screen will appear, which will show you more details about your student’s accommodated exam request.
  • You can upload the exam in this tab (Room Bookings) and add any special instructions, or you can wait and upload the exam in the next tab (Exam).
  • This screen will indicate whether the student has requested to take the exam at a different date and/or time than the rest of the class, and will ask you to approve or deny the request. Click the Submit button.
  • Under the Exam tab click the Add New Exam button.
  • You will be asked to complete several questions to clarify your instructions for exam administration. Please answer all the questions.
  • Please Note: You will only be able to upload one exam file per submission. If it is more convenient for you to upload an exam with multiple files all in one upload, you can compress (zip) the file prior to uploading. For more information, access instructions for zipping files for Windows computers. Zipping files on Mac computers are very similar to the process on Windows computers, and instructions can be found by typing “how to zip a file on a mac” into your internet search browser.
  • After you have completed answering the questions, click the Submit button.
  • Please Note: If you do not have your exam ready to upload, you can answer all the questions and return to upload the exam at a later time.